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The 50% you can't afford to ignore
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January 12, 2024
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With the web ever-evolving it can be difficult to stay on top of what makes your website perform well on Google. If you run a website or a business you may be asking yourself what you need to know to keep your website performing, or who you need introductions to. Here’s where we come in. At Mintyy, we pride ourselves on crafting fresh digital products for forward-thinking brands, striving to design and develop bespoke solutions with a global impact. In this guide we’ll delve into the core elements of SEO, which parts we can help with and some general tips to boost your online presence.

The Pie Chart

For the purposes of simplification, I’m going to use a pie chart to symbolise all the core aspects of “good SEO” and what they represent.

The above pie chart simplifies the complexity of what makes “good SEO” and instead focuses on which roles are needed. 50% of “good SEO” comes from the web design and development phase. Some of these items may include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring good accessibility
  • Ensuring the website is usability first
  • Ensuring the website is mobile-friendly
  • Ensuring the website is fast and secure

This categorisation over simplifies the complexity of SEO but is a good starting point. Next we’ll go a bit more in depth into what is needed to ensure “good SEO”.

Mobile-First Design and Development

At Mintyy we are fundamentally mobile-first, starting in the wire-framing and design phases. We embrace a clean and minimalistic design, committed to a seamless experience across devices. Our commitment aligns with Google’s expectation for websites to prioritise mobile users, emphasis on optimal design and functionality.

Keywords in Meta Title Tags

Just as our team meticulously plans and designs digital products, optimising meta title tags requires strategic thinking. You may be asking what I mean by meta tags. Meta Tags are essentially the little bits of information hidden on a website is read by Google when they read your website. If you’re super curious, open up your web inspector and look in the <head> of a website, you may find a few <meta> tags in there.

Mintyy believes in clarity and simplicity, ensuring that your targeted keywords are seamlessly integrated into meta title tags, enhancing readability and search visibility.

Keywords in Meta Description

Mintyy encourages a strategic mindset over unnecessary complexity. While there are various factors affecting rankings, focusing on key elements of the page in the meta description aligns with Mintyy’s approach to continuous improvement without unnecessary intricacies.


Much like Mintyy’s commitment to freshness, Google is also committed to preferring freshness as a ranking factor. Stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your content fresh and relevant and keep up to date with latest trends across diverse industries.

Niche Expertise

Mintyy’s approach to digital product development resonates with Google’s preference for niche expertise. Creating a cluster of authoritative pages around a hub keyword reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive and valuable content in various domains.

User Engagement and Helpfulness

User engagement has become a game-changer in the last five years. Mintyy’s dedication to bringing joy to customers aligns with Google’s focus on user engagement, ensuring that our digital products deliver value.

Site Security and SSL Certificates

Security is paramount in the digital realm. Mintyy aligns with Google’s emphasis on site security, ensuring all our sites have SSL certificates to create a sage online environment. We also partner with a IT company to ensure we’re meeting the highest standards for website security.

Backlinks and Content Quality

Whilst backlinks were once a foundation of Google’s algorithm, content quality now takes centre stage. At Mintyy we emphasise crafting digital solutions that not only attract organic links but also prioritise user-centric, high-quality content.

For large scale enterprise websites, to improve SEO, backlinks are necessary. This is when we would recommend engaging with an SEO Specialist or agency to get that next level of google ranking.


Trustworthiness is paramount in our digital products, and Google agrees. We align with Google’s efforts to combat misinformation, ensuring that our content is reliable, factual and backed by credible sources.

Internal Links

Mintyy adopts a strategic approach to internal linking, connecting pages with the same keyword and enhancing overall site ranking.

Consistent Publication of Engaging Content

At Mintyy, we understand the power of engaging content in delivering a memorable user experience. Google’s algorithm now prioritises content that is of higher quality, engages users more and is more consistent. At Mintyy we are committed to the highest quality and can help with consistent publication of engaging content – however – we recommend going with a Digital Marketing Expert as we do not claim to be digital marketing experts.

Page Speed and User Experience

As Mintyy has a focus on user experience, we need to be ensuring our websites have an optimal page speed that ensures users can view content as soon as possible. Just as our digital products aim for optimal performance, we recommend using tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse to ensure your pages load quickly, providing a seamless user experience.

Schema Markup and Structured Data

Mintyy is committed to google ranking performance and often includes schema markup and structured data on our website. What this means is we include small bits of information on each page that allows Google to serve more informative information about our websites.

To conclude

As of 2024, the Google algorithm has evolved, and will continue to evolve, and as such we as website developers need to ensure we stay on the ball and keep up to date with trends and changes. Mintyy ensures we do so with our clean, impactful design philosophy that aligns with Google’s mission to provide fast, relevant and high-quality search results.

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of SEO, remember to implement a thoughtful strategy, focusing on delivering the best possible content to your audience.

Ready to elevate your website’s SEO game? Get in touch to implement Mintyy’s approach to digital excellence on your website. For personalised assistance in optimising your web presence, reach out to Mintyy, where we are dedicated to expanding your brand’s horizons and maximising its potential.

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