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Lux Interiors is a leading expert in interior design and needed a website to reflect their own level of quality in design and innovation.

A photo of an iPhone mockup with the Lux Interiors website featured inside of it.

The Problem

Lux Interiors were looking for a website facelift to stay ahead of their competitors.

The Solution

A fresh new website with a visual aesthetic and minimalism that matched the bespoke quality of their own designs.

Services Provided



Embarking on the discovery phase for Lux Interiors, the emphasis was on capturing the essence of their luxury brand and translating it into a captivating online experience. Delving into the world of interior design, we sought inspiration from the elegance and sophistication synonymous with Lux Interiors. Through extensive research and collaborative sessions, we identified key design elements, color schemes, and visual motifs that would resonate with their target audience. Simultaneously, a meticulous site architecture was mapped out to ensure a seamless user journey. By aligning our creative vision with the aspirations of Lux Interiors, we laid a solid foundation for the upcoming phases, setting the stage for a website that not only showcases their expertise but also exudes the opulence and refinement that defines their brand.

Retaining legacy SEO authority

Strategic SEO safeguard

The primary objective of the Lux Interiors project was to breathe new life into their existing website while strategically preserving the current copy to uphold legacy SEO scores. Retaining the original content served as a crucial component of our approach, aiming to safeguard the SEO authority scores that Lux Interiors had diligently cultivated over time. Search engines recognize and value established content that has accrued authority, and altering it significantly can disrupt the delicate balance that contributes to favorable rankings.

By maintaining the existing copy, we aimed to seamlessly transition Lux Interiors into a refreshed digital space without compromising the hard-earned search engine authority, ensuring continued visibility and relevance in the highly competitive realm of luxury interior design. This approach not only honored the brand's digital history but also strategically preserved its online standing.

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