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TerrSat approached us to turn a severly out of date website into a fresh new one.

A photo of a laptop mockup with the TerrSat website featured inside of it.

The Problem

TerrSat's website was ugly, broken and outdated, and needed a refresh.

The Solution

A fresh new website with a facelift, CMS upgrade and dedicated hosting.

Services Provided



With a comic sans logo, it was clear that the brand needed a face lift to align with the quality of TerrSat's product. We work-shopped a expedited brand identity, with new logo, colours and typography. Unfortunately the new logo could not be used quite yet, as the old logo is still used across in a variety of places.

Streamlined Discovery


During the wireframing phase of the TerrSat project, the imperative of a tight deadline and a constrained budget underscored the need for an efficient design approach. Embracing the expedited nature of the project, I employed low-fidelity wireframes crafted in Figma to swiftly outline the skeletal structure of the website. Leveraging a systematic wireframing process, we efficiently translated the intricacies of the custom site map into tangible page layouts.

This method allowed for a rapid visualization of the site's architecture, ensuring that the essential components were strategically placed for optimal user engagement. Despite the time constraints, the wireframing phase played a pivotal role in aligning stakeholders' expectations and providing a clear roadmap for subsequent design and development tasks. This agile approach not only facilitated a quick turnaround but also set the foundation for the clean and legible design that would later characterize the revitalized TerrSat website.

Mobile first design

Web Design

During the design phase of the TerrSat project, my primary objective was to rejuvenate their website with a focus on achieving a clean and legible design. Understanding the significance of visual appeal and user experience, I meticulously crafted a modern aesthetic that seamlessly aligned with TerrSat's identity. Emphasizing a user-centric approach, I prioritized clarity in layout and typography to ensure that visitors could effortlessly navigate the site and access information.

By employing a harmonious color palette and strategic use of whitespace, I aimed to enhance the overall readability, fostering a positive interaction between the users and the content. The design choices were not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, contributing to a cohesive and engaging digital presence for TerrSat. This phase was characterized by a commitment to delivering a visually striking yet accessible website, ultimately enhancing the overall impact of TerrSat's online presence.

Core Development

During the core development phase of the TerrSat project, we employed a robust and scalable foundation by building the website on Roots Bedrock, coupled with a Roots Sage theme template. This strategic choice provided a modular and efficient structure, essential for meeting both the project's tight deadline and limited budget. Leveraging the power of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Builder, we meticulously crafted custom blocks and panels, tailoring the website's functionality to the unique needs of TerrSat. This not only enhanced the site's flexibility but also facilitated an intuitive content management process. By integrating seamlessly with WordPress' native block editor, website editors gained the ability to effortlessly add and manage custom blocks on each page, ensuring a user-friendly experience for ongoing content updates. The synergy of Roots Bedrock, Roots Sage, and ACF Builder laid the groundwork for a dynamic and easily maintainable website, aligning with TerrSat's goals of a streamlined online presence.

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